"Some songwriters have the uncanny ability of building an affinity with their

listeners within seconds.  Sean McMahon is one of these artists.”   

Happy mag 


"..a master of his craft." 

Sydney Morning Herald

“..some of the tastiest guitar playing and songwriting around” 



"There is something reminiscent of Eels’ Mark Oliver Everret to McMahon’s vocal, and  indeed were you to cross Eels with The Band you might have something resembling (album)Shiner." 

Beat magazine

As a teenager growing up in the sprawl of outer suburban Melbourne, Sean McMahon sought refuge in music.  A profound moment came at an early age when his band mate, guitar teacher and mentor passed away suddenly.


“There was no scene to speak of where I grew up.  Once he was gone i thought that if i wanted to keep playing and growing as a musician i needed to write songs.  So i saved up, bought a van and drove around the country and tried to write”

Over a decade later and a handful of releases Sean has honed a poetic and melodic style of songwriting thats loaded lyrical beauty in the form of confessional narratives and vivid story telling.  Throughout his musical journey he has never lost sight of that ultimate musical prize: a good song.


“ I love a song that speaks to you.  When the singer says ‘I’ but is somehow separated from the song and it belongs to anyone and everyone.  I love a lyric that just punches you in the chest or knocks you flat, a song that reaches right down into the depths and begs for mercy through love and understanding, or a song that paints vividly how great it can feel to be alive, in love or experiencing something rich and real. Songs that are carefree and defiant but just roll out with great rhythm.    Music should take you somewhere else, pick you up and throw you around and set you flying, steal your wallet then get you drunk and if you're lucky take you home.   A good song should help us to understand our own human experience a little better, it should make us feel something.”


In September last year, Sean embarked on a 24 date solo tour of the east coast to coincide with the release of the single 'Spring', which won many critics praises "On his incredibly endearing new track Spring, the artist weave together elements of folk, rock , Americana, and alt-country to deliver an earthy sound that belongs entirely to himself.  The new track sees McMahon traverse through immersive storytelling and folk-infused, heartfelt soundscapes to deliver a new single that feels simultaneously mellow and adventurous."- Happy Mag


Listen to the single 'SPRING' on Spotify


Since then Sean has barely slowed down playing constantly and putting the finishing touches on his brand new record “You Will Know When You’re There”

Recorded over a year with engineer and producer Roger Bergodaz and a broad cast of Melbourne musicians, “You Will Know When You’re There” is his most personal album yet and the result of letting creativity run free and enjoying the moment.

"I have grown to relax a little more over the past couple of years and spend less time ‘working' on songs or feeling like i have to because its something that defines who i am. Fittingly, or ironically, i feel like ive written my best stuff.  I like to just let creativity happen and see what comes out and meanwhile try and enjoy life and be more present day to day.  The record I’m about to release i think represents that well as its just turned out to be a collection of songs I’ve recorded over that time, with different people, different instrumentations, songs have grown, new ones written, some dropped, some remade.. So i honestly can’t tell what direction things are going to go and I’m happy for it to be that way."

Watch the video for track 'SHOW ME THE WAY' 

“YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU'RE THERE”, the brand new record by Sean McMahon

is due for release on  March 1 through Blind Date Records.